November 24, 2008

Credit Cards: One Down...

Today I did something I have never done before. I canceled a credit card.

Yes! I finally took the step I've meaning to for ages and got rid of one of my cards. While the card was one of my two oldest (I got them within a month of each other) it was the younger of the two, plus the only one of the four cards I have that charges a monthly fee AND an annual fee. (All three of the other cards do not charge either fee.) Also, it had a very small limit of $500. So it was an easy choice.

Not so easy, however, was the process of actually canceling the card. I had to speak to a "customer specialist" or something of the sort, who I literally had to tell four or five times, 'No, I just want to cancel the card," as she alternately tried logic, fee credits, and scare tactics to keep me from closing the account. But now it's done and I am saving $6 a month (the monthly fee) plus about $100 a year (the annual fee). And I still have three other cards to serve my credit needs, so I'm happy and my wallet is happy.

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